Kettle bell single are clean

The beauty of using a KB instead of a bar is you can get your center of weight over the center if weight you are lifting, where a bar is slightly more forward of your center of weight. There’s also the rotational forces through out the lift, as one side of the body has to [...]


Great basic core exercises

This basic exercise is a great addition to your workouts, pre or post. Pay attention to detail, always do these exercises in front of a mirror or have a friend film you so you get a visual feed back, a great way to become more in tune and aware of the way your body moves [...]



This piece of equipment is nothing new but is a home gym all in one… There’s a thousand different exercise that can be done with the sand bag, from Olympic lifts to Turkish get ups.. Here’s three fun ones. 1 Clean (speed and power development) 2 Single leg row (ankle, knee and hip stability. With [...]


Basic surfers Workout

the beauty of this is it can be done anywhere anytime with just a $5 skip/jump rope… 1. Surfers pop up or surfers burpee Lying face down with your chin tucked position your arms in a “Y” position, thumbs up and shoulder blades drawn together then draw your elbows back into a “W” position still [...]


30 day double under challenge

The work outs i will be posting will involve skipping/jumprope so to have every one at a level where they can perform double under’s I’ve thrown down a challenge 20 double under’s in 30 days…Give it a go…challenge your self. Go to the previous post on surffitnesstv skipping/jumprope for surfers to get a full demo [...]



Video Taj and his trainer Johnny answering some fruity questions at the Quik Pro Question Box in France. Video courtesy of Quiksilver



There’s an old rule when it comes to athlete training: never let strength and conditioning compromise your performance. In surfing that little nugget of advice is particularly relevant. Here’s why…  Surfers have limited time to practice and progress because the ocean doesn’t always offer up the best conditions or the exact same sections. Some turns [...]


21Days: Meet Johnny Gannon

Meet Taj Burrow’s trainer, travel partner and secret weapon, Johnny Gannon. Johnny Gannon was raised on the streets and waves of one of Sydney’s toughest areas: Maroubra. But, while Taj Burrow admits he wouldn’t want to be on Johnny’s bad side, he also assures that Johnny is as nice a guy as you’ll likely meet. [...]


leg squat progession exercises

here’s a split squat into a single leg bosu squat progression.remember with all these leg exercises keep your ankle, knee and hip in alignment.look for any differences between left/right sides of your body. Keep challenging yourself and have fun with it. These strength/balance exercises are great to add into your program.They are a Big Bang [...]


skipping/jump rope for surfers

Speed, agility, stability and cardio, the jump rope or skipping has a lot of carry-over into surfing. Video